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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Nine Countries with the Worst Bathrooms in the World


You can check out the link for the complete details, assuming you have the stomach for it. When I saw the title, my vote for #1 was China when away from the Americanized hotels.

Been there. Seen that. Used one. Remember to take your own paper, and lots of drugs for digestive distress. There is no way you'll have the aim to ring that little hole over which you're squatting when that blowout arrives.

So here you go. My favorite two.


How can a society that was centuries beyond the rest of us way back have failed so grandly on this one basic matter?


Here, I'm not so worried about the elevated crapper. It's the swim up design that leaves me wanting a military evacuation.

The rest are a treat. Enjoy!

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