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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Neese's liver pudding, scrambled eggs with cheese, and toast for breakie

We're going whole hog rhise morning, partaking of the cloven hoof, and otherwise securing my rightful place in hell.

We start with Neese's liver pudding. There is no finer.

The people who started the Red Oak Brewery in Greensboro rode with the drivers at Neese's to learn how they managed fresh delivery on a statewide scale.

Put three slices in the pan with a little splash of olive oil.

We're going to lightly brown both sides.

Now find the eggs.

Take four and beat them ad you know they deserve. And then a little more.

Now find the cheese

and put some in the eggs. Beat some more.

I find a fork perfectly suited for this work. Besides, I do not have a proper whisk.

Flip the slices of liver pudding so they can brown on both sides.

Most people serve the Neese's to the side. I am not most people. Today, we chip the pudding

and pour in the eggs and cheese

While that's doing it's thing in the pan, I'm feeling like toast.

Find the bread.

And the fake butter

Apply the fake butter to the bread

And here's the result.

Yes, my over is a little uneven. I also want the fake butter toasted into the bread.

Dry toast is an abomination, even if you do plan to butter it at some point.

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