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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My gaze worthy seatmate

Yes, in Row 10.

Finally, after all this time, and can I get a single shot? Oh noooo!!!! The sun is glinting through the clouds and window.

Oops! Sometimes I get lucky. The plane dipped.

Far better than the chicklet got. Contrast and compare.

She got lucky. The airline broke up that good thing he had going. I'm not sure where she's sitting, but he's behind me.

I might need to be careful.

But I have a hard time deciding about the fellow with two different flipflops.

It's probably that pink t-shirt with that growth of beard that has my attention.

Or the apple.

I'll let you take sleeper boy to the right. He might be about to drool.

Here's another shot of my snoozing bunkmate.

He could really use a personal trimmer in his nose and ears of he is wearing my blue shirt. And khaki pants.

You might say chino. I wouldn't.

Location:Airport Blvd,Morrisville,United States

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