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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Man Arrested For Threatening Nancy Pelosi Over Health Care


The Buzz: A California man angry about health care reform allegedly made threatening and harassing phone calls to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, including at least one call in which he got through and spoke to her directly, law enforcement officials said.
Gregory Lee Giusti, 48, was arrested Wednesday at his San Francisco home, said Joseph Schadler, spokesman for the FBI's San Francisco office. Schadler would not disclose the charges against Giusti, saying they were under seal until his first appearance before a federal magistrate, scheduled for Thursday.

I must be missing one huge point. How can providing millions of people without healthcare insurance with the coverage that will preclude the possibility personal financial ruin motivate these expressions of hate and violence?

Those of us with health insurance are unaffected. We will continue with what we have, but we should all remember that this status could change in the blink of an eye.

The thing to remember is that stuff happens to both small and large companies. You do realize that we could easily be seeing the latter days of Toyoto? To that end, those cushy employer-sponsored health benefits could disappear overnight for totally unexpected reasons.

Have you priced private health insurance lately? If not, you should. Tomorrow, you could easily find yourself wanting some of that public option that got sold down the river so the rest of the package could be put into place.

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