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Friday, April 9, 2010

Danger and his interesting day

So Josh is having an interesting day. He started with military PT before the sun was up. He got a little dirt this time.

I assume he will either burn that shirt or bury it at sea with honors.

More to the point, a surgeon recently sliced that arm wide open to relocate the ulna nerve. I can see a nurse shaking her head now as she dabs out the beach grit.

Now remember that he started school with four semesters of credit. That put him a little ahead, and means he will graduate in three, not four, years.

Lil did much the same.

So he's in a class this morning that he could probably teach, trying to stay awake, and admiring his shoe shining.

He shines those shoes with floor wax.

Being ever the sympathatic dad, I sent a pic of my feets.

Yeah, I'm working at home in PJs today. Think of it as a little payback for those pics of feets in flipflops while we were frosted over.

Even if he was in a doctor's office for that broken finger.

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