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Monday, April 19, 2010

It was fun while it lasted

Walking. Losing weight. Getting back that I can move feeling.

That ended this evening. Instead of the anticipated seven miles. I sat down some mile or so from home by a plot of iris in front of some business, worried the night watchman, and wondered if Raleigh had a taxi to spare.

Then I remembered I only had a fiver in my pocket as I was planning to fetch a Diet Coke at the Shell as I went back home.

The blisters are not the problem. Annoying, yes, but tolerable and better. Doing their protective thing.

It's the return of the chronic tendonitis that has done me in, making me walk slowly back home like the old man I suddenly feel, but those men I remember were like 90 when they walked like that.

Too many years barefoot in the fields made arches too high? Losing that gym membership 12 years ago and the resultant addition of 50 pounds? One too many concrete blocks broken? A few too many broken toes?

Two pods. One arthropod. Two pair of custom orthotics. $500 each. Not covered by insurance. Countless cortisone injections. More NSAID in a year than most people take in a lifetime. Think naproxen sodium. The makers of Prilosec love me. Oral steroids for three years. At least I was impervious to poisen ivy then. Different shoes everyday. Five pair just for walking rotations. Two pair for work in rotation. Two pair for knocking around the house and the lake.

The only thing that works is rum. I picked the wrong season to get on the wagon.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

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