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Friday, April 23, 2010

Islamic extremists lash out about media, Americans, and snacks

Can you tell I'm on a prolonged hold?


The Buzz: Younus Abdullah Mohammed, of the web-hacked and rightly go-f!ck-yourselfed collective known as Revolutionary Islam, has directed a torrent of whinging at Gawker's Ravi Somaiya. He confirms that his group's website has been forcibly redirected, but isn't concerned because all of the attention due to his threats at Comedy Central drove enough traffic to his website to bring it down anyway, and "Islam will take over the world," so whatever.

The But Then: "It is American oppression," he said. But, he added, we probably wouldn't understand such issues as we are "Darwinist faggots who are as despicable as the rest, walking around eating your Triscuits."

Triscuits? They're upset about Triscuits? Just imagine what a Fig Newton might produce from those minds! Or a Skittle. Taste the rainbow?

Good grief!

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