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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I was due one from Carolina Cash 5

I picked up a lottery ticket yesterday. Carolina Cash 5. Think Megaball or Powerball without the ball in the sixth position dependent number that makes all the difference.

22 25 26 27 28 from Quickdraw, which means I permit the machine to assign random numbers to my ticket.

I looked at the number and shook my head. It was neatly a straight. What are the odds of that happening, I heard rattle through my brain.

Well, those odds are the same as any other set of five numbers. Each integer is selected independently (without replacement) from the others. There is no design. There is no trend. There is no dependency.

They are just numbers.

It's my head that is assigning external meaning, such as the near straight.

Creating patterns is where our brains excel. Depending on your brain to create a pattern out of noise is one way the house makes its millions.

It's also how I counted the kittens when we had a flock.

I am never due one. You are never due one. It's a random occurrence. There is not systematicity beyond that which you create from the fabric of random events.

So after breakfast this morning, I checked the numbers. Will I need an investment counselor come Monday? Even if Lady Luck, if not Lady Gaga, smiled on her little Monster, my winning would be about $35,000 after taxes, maybe a little more.

Well, I have three of the five numbers. Remember, position is not important. My winnings? Six bucks! W00T!!!

I see a roller dog in my future!

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