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Friday, April 9, 2010

Gay NC teens allowed to attend prom after level-headed mom steps in


The Buzz: Two gay teens, Jordan Nixon and his boyfriend Chase have been allowed to attend prom at Starmount High School in Booneville, NC after Jordan's mom Leesa heard how Chase had been told by the principal that he couldn't bring a "friend" to the prom. After explaining that Jordan was not a friend but a "boyfriend" the school still wouldn't relent. Jordan's mom Leesa Nixon went to the principal, threatened to take action and go to the media, and quickly the issue was resolved. This is the story of a great parent standing up for her gay kid and a school faced with the threat of exposing its discriminatory behavior.

In this case, I think this mom offered the school exactly what no school wants: Negative publicity on national TV. Entire communities loose when CNN becomes involved in mess like this.

Burning a cross might be worse these days, but not by much, and those kinds of ugly are tightly linked. Thinking people avoid such nonsense.

To give the principal her due, I think she was caught between system rules and what she knew she needed to do. This is apparent after reading further.

For all the ranting I do about areas of North Carolina, and my home county is probably closer to Mississippi on this one, it does warm my heart to see evidence of progress in right-thinking from a place I have so long called home, and from the northwest mountains of all places, Yadkin County, I believe.

W00T! Go figure!

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