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Monday, April 5, 2010

Did you lose this?

I found a quarter in the driveway at the Shell Station this evening, and yes, I did risk life and limb to fetch it from harm's way.

Generally, I find pennies. A nickel or dime occassionally. Quarters are rare.

Even rarer is the hundred dollar bill, though I have found one. That was about 30 years ago at UNCG beside the Yum Yum.

I had just moved there to take work in academic computing, and all my money had gone into the relocation. I would be living off peanut butter sandwiches until payday.

Driving was only for getting to and from work. The tank of gas that I had would have to last.

All other locomotion was by Pat and Charley or bike.

Walking back to my car on the first Thursday afternoon, I saw some green folded paper in the grass by the sidewalk. I almost walked past, but the color called to me.

$100. One bill. Folded.

I bought a tank of gas and some groceries on the way home.

And people wonder what I'd do if I won the lottery.

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