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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Developing test to warn smokers of cancer danger


The Buzz: Scientists may have found a way to tell which smokers are at highest risk of developing lung cancer: measuring a telltale genetic change inside their windpipes. A test based on the research is being developed in hopes of detecting this deadly cancer earlier, when it's more treatable. And if the work pans out, the next big question is: Might it even be possible to reverse this genetic chain reaction before it ends in full-blown cancer? The researchers found a tantalizing early hint among a handful of people given an experimental drug.

And here's why healthcare reform was, and still is, important. With tests such as this, the bean counters at an insurance company can make the case to drop coverage for the person rather than pay for the treatment that would prevent the disease.

That way, they avoid all risk while retaining all previous premiums.

Now, the challenge is to write the public option into law so that such people can find coverage after they can no longer afford the jacked up premiums.

Let me say it again: If you plan to make money from gambling on the health of people, you should examine your business model far more carefully than we currently see in the health insurance provides. You should also be thinking not-for-profit or non-profit.

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