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Friday, April 9, 2010

Couple was too old for the exit row


The Buzz: A retired British couple say they were banned from airplane seats with more legroom for which they paid extra because they were deemed "too old" to sit there. Marion Webb, 77, and her husband Derek, 79, paid an extra $150 on top of their $3,600 fare for a March 15 flight from Bristol, England, to Egypt on Thomson Airways, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

This one is a puzzler, at least on the surface. I see the airline's point, at least as a stereotype for the elderly. How do you know any one person is sufficiently strong to work the wing exit doors during an emergency?

This couple might be perfectly able.

Perhaps it's time we all had to qualify to sit in the exit row. Take a class. Pass an exam. Requalify each year.

Not gonna happen. The airlines would then be at risk to fly with empty seats when not enough qualified people were on the plane. I suspect just being forced to spread those seat out a little has hurt the bean counters' feelings enough already.

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