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Monday, April 5, 2010

Constance McMillen sent to a fake prom while other students go to the real prom


The Buzz: A lesbian teen who successfully sued her Mississippi school for the right to bring her girlfriend to prom was left out and was instead directed to a "fake prom" on Friday, according to The Advocate. Constance McMillen, her date and just a handful of others, including two classmates with learning disabilities, attended the dance in Fulton, Mississippi while most of her other classmates from Itawamba Agricultural High School reportedly partied at a separate prom that McMillen was not invited to.

You just have to stand in awe, and substantial dismay, over the depth to which homophobes will sink to express their hate. This mess is so reminiscent of race-related problems from our inglorious past, and which continue to lessen our stature as humans.

I doubt we ever learn, at least not until we have space aliens to hate.

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