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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chickpea and veggie salad

Can you tell I'm making food for the next few days?

Today, it's chickpeas with cukes and peppers. I forgot to add the onion. We'll get that next time.

First, open and drain two cans of chickpeas. Put each can in a two quart container.

Find the green pepper.

The yellow.

And the red.

You'll need a cuke.

Remember to remove the vine end of the cuke. About an inch. That part can be bitter.

Now the maters.

These are Roma maters. Any kind will do.

Slice all the veggies into the sizes you prefer. Split them between the two containers.

Yes, I know these are technically fruits.

Splash in a lot of Balsamic vinegar.

And olive oil. Remember it's hard to use too much olive oil.

Salt to taste.

And here's what you have.

I prefer stirred to shaken.

Put on the lid, and hide both containers in the fridge. Stir once in a while. Or shake if you're feeling lucky.

The salad will be ready in a day or so.

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