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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cheesey scrambled eggs with asparagus for brunch

Sunday brunch!

The flavoring from last night's steaks remains in the iron skillet, and we're using that the flavor the brunch eggs. We also have some left over asparagus.

About five stalks were left. In the pan they go with a single pat if butter.

We'll let the asparagus warm for a while.

Now we find the eggs

And pick four

I discard the shells

Beat the naughty eggs, and pour them over the warmed asparagus with a sprinkle of Mexican cheese.

I really doubt the cheese is authentic Mecican, but I can live with the lie.

My large burner is not working, and I need to scramble the eggs instead of omeletting them.

Move it to a plate, and find the Texas Pete.

Add Texas Pete liberally

And chow down!

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