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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Census Counts Gay Marriages Even In States That Don't Allow Them


The Buzz: With strong backing from the Census Bureau, gay-rights activists are urging maximum participation by their community in the first U.S. census that will tally same-sex couples who say they're married – even those without a marriage license. The move has drawn fire from conservatives, who complain that it's another step toward redefining marriage.

The conservative numbnuts must be about apoplectic over this one. Married queers will be counted.

I wonder whose pink Queer the Census tipped those scales in our favor. No matter. I'm glad it did.

What's important here, beyond the simple matter of the external legitimization of same-sex marriage by an agency of the government, are the data that will be provided. For the first time, we will have a hard number, likely an under-estimate, but a hard number.

Never before. And that number will have legal standing and weight.

With this precedent, the 2020 census can go even further. I can only imagine, dreaming of what might have been in another day and time.

It's a long awaited step forward.

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