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Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebrating Mama's birthday

We celebrate Mama's BD on 02 April. We do not know when she was born. Social Security accepted the attestation of her sister years ago.

Mama comes from reclusive family, let's just say.

Growing up, she always told us she was 111, and she stuck to that story. I never did learn here reason for selecting that number, assuming she had one.

At this point, I like to think she had some version of numerology and the Holy Trinity in her head. For her, the Holy Trinity was the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

In my world, the Father is an insufferable fool of a deity, while the Son is the Grand Fiction. However, I do love me some Holy Ghost. I wonder will that be enough when I depart this world.

Today is also the first day of pine pollen for us. The car has a light coat that will only thicken and occlude my view.

I washed a little off the windshield. I'm not sure I improved matters.

Given that I slept the Nap of the Dead last night, I needed some coffee before going further.

Four MiniMoos and four yellow packets added.

A quick stop at Food Lion to shop with the Friday Frat Boys and get some flowers for Mama.

As usual, I'm here early, waiting in the parking lot. Toot's has two signs.

The big one at the door.

And the smaller on the wall.

I hope Buck and Granny are a bit late getting here. It's hard to explain to Granny that we need to wait for the staff to replace the breakfast food with the lunch food on the bar.

So much for that. They arrived 30 minutes early. We went inside to wait.

Lily wishes she had some hushpuppies.

Granny is poor at waiting, and I sit there with two distinctly different conversations going sumultaneously.

I still wonder how I can do that.

I show the pics from Maddy. That only pauses the talking. It returns without missing a beat.

Josh sent a pic of his shoes waiting for class.

Bro and Samo finally arrive right on time had Granny not been 30 minutes early.

We fetch food.

Here's Granny's choice.

No boiled cabbage. This is a first.

I go for comfort food.

Snausage, taters, and beans.

With salad and fruit on the side.

Yeah, Toot's is not well lit.

Don't forget the paper napkins.

Granny cannot eat without a large pile. She might use one. The rest go into her purse for use at home.

And that is that. We ate mostly in silence. And left.

Granny was worried that we'd have sunstrokes in the parking lot.

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