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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blisters R Us

You might think that a turned ankle would be sufficient excitement in a given week, but no, the excitement here is unbounded this season.

First, bigger bunion had two friends.

The one popped a few days ago, and stung in the shower when water hit it. Surprisingly, that's all the sensation either have presented.

And of course, neighboring middle piggie needs to get in on the action.

Just a wee thing, it is.

Littler bunion is not to be outdone, just done differently.

Not bad for a complete surprise. Again, it presents no sensation.

And then piggie next door wants in on the action.

This must be the season of blood blisters. Perhaps this afternoon's jaunt to Kmart will include getting better socks.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

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