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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barrel monster memorial

In case you missed the original story of the barrel monster, here's a link to the full story.


All we have left is a spoofed highway marker.

I doubt the State puts up a real marker, though they should.

Here we have a real instance of brilliance and creativity rising from the muck and mire of everyday life. The judge held to the idea that such anarchy cannot be tolerated in civilized society, even after the owner of the company refused to press charges.

Carnevale did community service of some kind, and then went about his life, back into the muck and mire with the rest of us.

Yet, for a few days last May, because one man acted on an inspiration, the rest of us learned that the sun does shine up there, even when we cannot see it.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

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