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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

40 Topics You Can't Discuss at Work

From this one, we will see my assured doomnation.


The Buzz: You spend a lot of time at your job. Maybe most of your waking hours. Ideally, your boss and coworkers become your friends, which is nice. But be careful! Never forget that you can’t totally let your hair down with work friends the way you might with family, old schoolmates, your book group, your buddies, or your cat/dog.

Well, I think we knew this buzz all ready.

The 40 Things:

Your politics.
Your religion.
Your salary.
Your medical history.
Your sexual exploits.
Any workplace gossip.
Any plans to quit.
Your aches and pains.
How much you just paid for something.
The progress, or lack thereof, of your therapy.
Your blog URL.
How much time you spend on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
How messy your house is.
Your extensive knowledge of curse words.
The fact that you’re ovulating, PMS-ing, or having your period.
Your hot flashes.
Gory details of any major illness or accident.
Your Viagra side effects.
Your tax problems.
Your criminal record.
How much you hate a thing
Your difficulty in digesting any food, and symptoms thereof.
Your, or your wife’s, fertility treatment.
Your, or your wife’s, miscarriage.
Your messy divorce.
Your expertise in filching office supplies.
Your penis size.
Any odd/quirky/weird habits.
The state of your undergarments.
Your fear that you’re going to lose your job.
How much you hate your job.
How much you hate your customers.
How much you hate the boss.
Your cute kids.
Your adorable pets.
Your last, or next, vacation.
Your new house, boat, car, computer, etc.
Your home remodel.
Your wedding plans.
Your diet.

I am doomed yet again. I have broken most, though not all, of these rules. Maybe I should telecommute more often.

I should go ahead and report to HR.

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Shannon said...

Yes, Jim, please stop sharing with us when you are having hot flashes. ;)

Diana said...

Uh oh... I'm in trouble.

VeggieAmanda said...

I think we have covered every topic on that list and more. I won't go to HR if you won't.