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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trans Student Kicked Out Of Constance McMillen's Mississippi School




The Buzz: Dan Savage reports that the same Mississippi high school that canceled Constance McMillen's prom also kicked out a trans student on his first day. Juin Baize was a student at Itawamba Agricultural-for a grand total of four hours. Baize, his mother, and his two sisters moved to Fulton, Mississippi, fromp New Harmony, Indiana, to live with Baize's grandmother at the beginning of the year. (For now Baize says he prefers to use male pronouns.)

OK, so just WHAT is wrong with the people of Mississippi? First, they cancel a prom so they don't have to see a couple of young women dancing together. Now, they boot a woman born into a man's body.

It's a real shame we don't have Sherman around. He could deal with this idiocy quite well, though the atmospheric pollution would be substantial.

And could he burn those buildings WITH the idiots still inside? It is quite apparrent that the gene pool needs a little cleaning up.

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