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Thursday, March 11, 2010

There are days

There are days when the only reason I get up and go to the office is the espresso machine, or so I like to tell people.

My current recipe involves five MiniMoos, five yellow packets of artificial sweetner, and five shots of espresso.

I had three of those yesterday.

The CEO also keeps orchids, and he rotates them through the foyer. Here's what greets me as I go through the front door.

You'd think this one is grafted because of the two colors, but I found no evidence that it is.

This one is a solitary little bloom. It looks like something that would catch, drown, and digest bugs.

This little stalk of red also stands alone.

Lily white comes to mind, much like the flour my Grandmother used.

I really like the purple in this one.

And of course, there has to be the big showoff in the group.

Sitting right beside is the meek and humble. My mother would like this one the best. Yellow. Little. Unassuming. She'd put it front and center.

She'd also carry on an extensive conversation with it now.

And then from my office, the one thing I can regularly eat these days. We have a tum prob cruising through the office.

Diana probably saved my life with this.

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