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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

South Carolina House votes to suspend HIV/AIDS funding


The Buzz: Following the South Carolina house of representatives' vote to cut all HIV/AIDS funding from the state budget last week, local leaders and HIV patients are pushing for lawmakers to reconsider, WIS News 10 reports.

Yet another southern state takes a step backwards. In this case, likely because of a hatred of gay people. The law makers probably see HIV and AIDS as a gay disease.

They are quite wrong.

The rates of HIV infection are greater in non-gay populations.

The thing is that (1) without decent medical care that rate of infection will only increase, and (2) what we lose as a race when we indiscrimanently allow a group of people to die a miserable death because of our misplaced societal hate is unknown and surely a detriment to our supposed progress as humans.

In a single week, both Virginia and South Carolina lose in manners they will likely never comprehend.


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