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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Second Only South Atlantic Tropical Storm: 90Q, Moving Away from Brazil


The Buzz: Tropical Storm 90Q is the second known tropical cyclone to form in the cooler South Atlantic Ocean, and two NASA satellites confirm it is now moving away from Brazil's coast. The first tropical cyclone ever seen in recorded history in the Southern Atlantic was called "Catarina" in 2004.

The TRMM satellite data was used to create a 3-D image of 90Q. The image showed some fairly high thunderstorm tops near the center of the storm reaching to heights above 12.5 km (over 41,010 feet).
Credit: SSAI/NASA Goddard, Hal Pierce

On Wednesday, March 10, the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission, or TRMM satellite had a fairly good pass this over Tropical Storm 90Q in the morning hours and showed some heavy rainfall (~2 inches/hr in red) on the storm's southeastern side.
Credit: SSAI/NASA Goddard, Hal Pierce

This infrared image of 90Q from NASA's Aqua satellite was captured on March 11 at 0341 UTC (Mar. 10 at 10:41 p.m. ET) and shows some high, cold thunderstorms in the center of the storm.
Credit: NASA/JPL, Ed Olsen

Welcome to global warming, peeps. Weird weather all around. It'll get a lot worse long before it gets better.

Think of it as climatic momentum.

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