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Monday, March 8, 2010

PHOTOS: Oscars' Breast Dressed -- Who Wore Cleavage Best?


For as queer as I am, I still find it possible to admire beauty in the feminine form. It just doesn't trip that one certain trigger.

Nonetheless, I do like a woman sufficiently secure in her own self to parade around with her top mostly bare.

Here are some Oscar samples. Copy and paste the link for additional details.

There should be a pair of seriously cutoff jeans to go with these.

Do you suppose there are heels under this dress?

A bit of lateral shaking, and we'd have a YouTube moment.

This one reminds me of the slingshot, a bathing suit for men seen on Borat.

Not quite sure why this one is here. Revealing, but not attention grabbing.

Whoa! I doubt this would be legal in Raleigh.

The hair is better than the boobs, at least in this shot!

Do you suppose she rattled around in that dress?

Why do I think there's some surgical glue involved here?

OK. One more erstwhile Wonder Bra on parade.

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