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Friday, March 26, 2010

Pasta and chickpea salad

I have a hankering for pasta and chickpea salad. I hunted. I gathered. And now I cook.

Put water and some salt in the pot. Bring it to a boil.

We're using curly pasta this time. I like it better when it was called rainbow pasta.

We will not be using a bell pepper this time. The price hurt my feelings.

But the chickpeas were on sale!

Food Lion should have house brand chickpeas, but they don't.

We also need some olives.


And black

Here they are getting aquainted.

Yeah, I played with my food.

So we split it all between two containers.

The green olive juice is in there too. The rest was drained.

Splash in some olive oil.

And wait for the pasta to cook al dente.

And you thought I didn't know that phrase.

The pasta goes in with more olive oil.

And now it sits and cools while I grow more and more hungry.

I think we're gonna have the first helping while it's warm.

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