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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama with Baier on Fox News


The Buzz: President Obama will sit down with Fox News' Bret Baier Wednesday for what is being called an "exclusive" interview. Baier announced the interview — his first sit-down with the President — Tuesday, saying it was a "long time coming." Obama will appear on Baier's 6PM broadcast, "Special Report" to discuss "the upcoming House vote on health care reform and what to expect in Washington in the weeks ahead," according to a network announcement.

Yes, this will happen did happen last night. I did not watch. I gave up on Fox, better spelled as Faux, News a long time ago.

I can only assume that the fellow who runs TheJohnBlog on Twitter was correct when he posted the news and suggested that Fox would call it something like Obama Abandons The White House.

Now, why might Obama bother with Fox News? Probably for the sport. For the opportunity to bandy the health care banter in an ignorant environment with people not as smart as he is.

Thinking about that, it was probably good practice.

My minor problem here, if it's minor, is that the news should not make news. That Obama appearing on Fox makes the something called news in and off itself is wrong on so many levels. He should be able to appear on Iraqi news with little or no fan fare, much less American news.

I'll crawl back under my rock now.

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