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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My first realish food in a week

Yes, I've eaten in the interim, but it's been the weird stuff that sad tums can almost handle.

Think salted in the shell peanuts with the shell on to bring more salt to the deal.

Tonight, chicken boobs!

Half price makes them twice as good.

Dropped into a pan with olive oil.

See? Hard frozen.

But in time, thawed, browned, and flipped. Yes, I splashed in more olive oil.

While the cooking continued, I went online to pay bills.


Now done, some go to the plate.

The rest will wait for breakfast, or a late night snack if tum is real lucky.

Time to find the ranch dressing. I'd used Texas Pete, but if tum objects, I don't want to blow chunks with Texas Pete tonight.

Yep, Food Lion had a twofer sale last month. Half the price makes twice as good, even with ranch dressing.

All ready to munch.

Crossing my fingers.

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