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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jennifer Aniston showed off her legs in a strapless mini-dress


The Buzz: Jennifer Aniston attended the premiere of 'Exposados' (The Bounty Hunter) in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday, March 30th. As with the Valentino number she wore in Berlin, Aniston showed off her legs in a strapless mini-dress decorated with sequins, rhinestones, leather, and a panel of sheer fabric. Was it a hit or miss? Decide. Designer details to follow. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

OK, the shoes work with the dress. I like the top, and I like the bottom, but I do not like them together. Choose one or the other, Mr. Designer.

I'd go with the fabric on the bottom, though by doing so, I likely pick different shoes. These strappy heels look as though they prefer the fabric in the top.

Of course, all this assumes the photo renders the fabrics fairly.

Meanwhile, I believe Ricky was far better dressed.

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