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Friday, March 26, 2010

Indiana threatened by giant poop bubbles


The Buzz: Good news for people who like news about grotesque agricultural calamities-waiting-to-happen! Lauren Etter of the Wall Street Journal has a groundbreaking story of how the state of Indiana is threatened by giant bubbles of livestock feces. Will someone think of the children, many of whom dream of seeing a floating balloon, made solely of poop?

Best paragraph in the entire report: Goltstein told the WSJ: "I have no fear of popping them." In all honesty, Farmer Goltstein is sort of weirdly awesome.

There just ought to be research somewhere on how to capture the methane and use it as supplemental power on the farm. I mean, really! How hard could that be?

And there's probably some way to increase the methane production to further break down the manure.

C'mon people! Think!

We just scattered the crap on the fields, but I suspect that's a no-no now, and with industrial farms, it might also be impractical.

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