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Thursday, March 25, 2010

If I were a rich man

Even if I'm not.

I occassionally play the lottery. PowerBall and Carolina Cash Five. Not MegaBall yet. Given that most of you know my occupation, you might be wondering why.

I do know better.

Yes, I know the odds of winning. Think slim and none. And it's been a few weeks since I put my dollar down. Maybe this weekend?

So why do I spend that buck?

It's for the pipe dream. I enjoy that brief period in which I think about what I'd do if I were to win.

First, rest assured that I'd engage the services of an investment counselor long before I ever picked up the check.

After that, here's where the money might go.

First, as you might expect, I'd pay off some bills. As we used to say on the farm, "As far as the money would go."

After that'd I'd pay for a few educations. That would be money well spent.

There would be the condo downtown and probably the trailer by the river. And I would likely have my cracked windshield repaired.

I really doubt I'd buy a new car, bit I'd likely present more often at the annual meetings of the Psychometric Society.

There would be the tithing. Yes, tithing, at 10%. Probably split three ways. The Middlesex Children's Home. Those folks looked after my mother when no one else would. The National Indian Child Welfare Association. They work to make sure my cousins are cared for. Equality NC. They work to look after me and people like me.

I might become a holy terror I'm the State Legislature.

I might sponsor scholarships at UNC-CH, State, and UNCG. They helped me learn to look after myself.

Might I travel? Yes, but not in the manner you would expect. I am a very poor tourist.

Feets object to the tourist thing.

I loathe going places briefly. And I really hate the walking around and looking at stuff thing.

What I Iike is living there. I want to know how they shop for food. Find medical service. See a dentist. Deal with transportation. And generally just live.

I want to drink their water. OK, their rum also.

To this end, I might spend six months in Amsterdam. Buenos Aires. Bath. Name it. I'd be there a while.

I might return to the classroom, though the independent wealth might leave me and my truth telling habit incompatible with most administrations. It has been so far. Just ask current boss.

I'd probably paint a little. Write also. Those would be more therapeutic than anything else.

So there you go. No fancy house or car for me. Just a lot of tightening around the edges.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

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