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Monday, March 22, 2010

I thought I was buying a Neti pot

OK, so this old fart has a low grade and on-going sinus infection, likely due to the mold in this environment, and surely to be aggrevated by the forthcoming pollen.

I have always considered the Neti pot to be a form of self-waterboarding, but just how long can one old fart live off Mucinex-D?

So it's off to Kmart where I buy something.

I should have known there was a reason it was three bucks cheaper than the name brand Neti pot, but you know me! Always trying to save a buck.

It NEVER pays to save money.

Now I have a squirt bottle.

It will likely be sufficient, but I'll also have to suffer the slings and arrows of the highbrow Neti pot users.

I was born to suffer.

So here's the packet of salt, buffered in some manner.

Pardon me while I go waterboard myself.

Well, that was a big nothing. I squirted half the bottle up my right nostril, and it ran out the left without event.

The color of the liquid was unchanged. We should be grateful for that.

The second half went up the left nostril. It exited through the right nostril and my mouth. I suppose I'm half deformed.

We already knew I'm completely deranged.

I was surprised my nose did not burn. When I get a snoot full of pool or ocean water, there is hell to pay. Probably the buffering along with the warm water helped.

Will this help with the periodic sinus infection? Who knows? However, I doubt it. This irrigation did not, to my knowledge, enter the sinus where the demons live.

But maybe we'll get a little lucky. I did win the 20 ounce Pepsi product on the same visit to Kmart!

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