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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have queered the census

Oh yes, I have.

After reviewing the form, I'm not sure the buzz was noteworthy. Were I married to a man, I could have finished the form indicating such quite easily.

Of course, I was lucky. I received the minimalist form. They appear to know me too well.

Nonetheless, I did it. Probably the biggest thing to arise from this is the activity in my spam folder. It increased substantially directly after I requisitioned my pink sticker, leaving me to wonder if Credo did a no-no.

So far, sexuality is not protected as is race. Maybe one day. It'll even be better when we do not need the protections for any flavor of human.

NC made a big step forward last year by including sexuality in the protected list of an anti-bully bill that focused on the schools.

This leaves me to reflect on how different my life would now be had such thinking been in place during my share of those twelve years. Substantially, I suspect, though we'll never know for sure.

Yet those danged fools still wonder why I do not participate in the reunions. I have no desire to revisit that decade-long nightmare.

Not unless I can bring Carrie.

With all the supposed progress of late, you might ask when we plan to get over the other. My response, just as my Indian friends would say, is when it ends. Then we'll start to get over it.

Some of y'all's folk still like to tie us to bumpers and things. I'd be really good if we could have a little less of that these days.

Keep it up. Who will wait you table and arrange your flowers? Or in my case, rotate your principle factors?

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Admin said...

Well, good thing they filled it out for you! ROFL wow, I say you go to the reunion, take Carrie and Cujo and the whole nine yards.

F.A. Pollard said...

Awesome blog Jimmy! I have my sticker, too.