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Saturday, March 20, 2010

HvZ: Zombies win this round

Sometimes, I find myself stepping into the unexpected. Today, it was a zombie attack.

By all reports, zombies have invaded the grounds, if not the buildings, of the UNCG campus.

Now, before you get too alarmed, it's a game, this one involving some over 400 students, and #1 Daughter is an organizer. Last year, she was a zombie.

I reached the game zone a few minutes early, put on my invisibility cloak, milled through the throng of players gathered by the fountain.

Here is the initial flock of zombies.

On the other side, a band of humans approaches.

They were heavily armed, and soon joined by Team Templar, which dominated last year, but today was to suffer serious and ignominious defeat.

The flock of zombies grew.

And grew until I was surrounded. One wore wisdom.

A group of students were playing guitars and drums by the fountain. They were immediately brought into the game to provide music, especially drum rolls, as the attack progressed and evolved.

Pure Serendipity, nothing more. I do approve of that deity.

The humans today were outnumbered and underbrained. They soon found themselves in retreat to the DMZ on the otherside of Aycock Avenue.

The zombies maintained their patrols for fresh brains. I suspect more than one human is going to sleep in the DMZ tonight.

I left the scene seriously questioning my decision to leave academe. The little college where I once worked was not the right place for me, at least then, but the university setting seems to strike a chord within me that resonates through my soul.

I got lucky today.

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