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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to kill a leprechaun

Having spent some time in the company of leprechauns, I can report that you do not kill one by shooting a four leaf clover down it's throat with a slingshot, no matter that Rachel from Friends is on the set wearing a poor excuse for a pair of Daisy Dukes.

Five gallons of gasoline down the well and ignited will not either, though the miniature mushroom cloud will be noteworthy. Do understand that tossing the Zippo down the well, even with a flourish, is a waste of a perfectly good Zippo. Try to be more creative with your fire starting.

Wiki reports that the proper way to kill a leprechaun is to stab it in the brain. The prob is that the brain is in a foot, not the head.

Note it's a foot. Leprechauns come as left and right footed brains, and there is no known manner of determining which without dissecting the foot.

You must stab both feet to be sure, and you're likely to receive a kick in the process.

It would be more reasonable to establish a coperative alliance with your leprechaun. Besides, we both know you could use the extra gold.

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Unknown said...

Put syonide in their lucky charms