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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grandpa meets Maddy

A very few weeks ago, Maddy entered this world. Life conspired against me, and today was the first opportunity I had to visit.

I had forgotten what it was like to hold such a small thing, and in reviewing the pictures, I am also reminded that it's very hard to hold a baby and not smile, especially when you know you can hand it back to Mom a bit later.

BTW, Mom was very gracious in letting us invade her world on short notice, all the while enduring our fawning over the baby as though we had never before seen such a beautiful thing.

I started out holding her the "regular" way, but she was quickly fussy, and I flipped her over. A large fart was the result.

Then the itsy bitsy spider showed up.

More holding. More smiling.

Could someone fetch the pacifier?

Thank you, Lil and Josh.

There we go.

Grandpa slowly gets with the program.

My face should freeze this way.

Naptime for Maddy now that Grandpa knows his role better.

Now, let's video some inane baby holding and rocking. BTW, if you're the one doing the holding and rocking, that inanity becomes the purest bliss you have ever known.

And this is where we stayed until it was Lil's turn to hold her napping self.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States


Tracie said...

And, I cannot read about babies, lullabies, and smiles without smiling. I need to bookmark this post and return when I need a happy thought and a smile.

Again, she is adorable.

Lucy said...

Granpappy Jim. Whoda thought. My youngest grandaughter cries when she sees me. I have lost my touch. Sigh. tk

VeggieAmanda said...

She is adorable. Congratulations Grandpa Jim! It is amazing how small and sweet they are. It is nice to see you smiling. :)