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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A good recover trumps a good execution

I have long felt that the measure of a project team's quality is well indicated by how well they handle the unexpected.

Case in point.

I'm working with a group to execute a set of five concurrent role delineations, and we have an extensive project plan to outline this work.

So I get sick. Fortunately, telecommuting policy and the home permit working remotely.

Imagine the peeps hearing me ralphing all day.

At the end of the day, boom! I have the wrong file for the next day's work. A simple, if unfortunate, oversight.

Then an email. A coworker must be out with a sick child.

Alright, maybe I need to be in the office sooner than later.


The next morning, the interstate is locked tight with traffic. I take the back way.

Halfway along...

Ralph helped me forget to get gas. Oh dear. Gotta find a gas station in a place I'm rarely in.


BP is good.

The price is what it is.

But it leaves me ready to go again. 15 minutes later.

With a slight indentation on my credit card balance.

But it all worked out with 90 minutes to spare. Why? Because in about 30 seconds this morning, we all swapped our duties to keep the plan covered.

No one but us noticed.

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