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Friday, March 26, 2010

Gays shouldn’t be given funerals, argues Italian bishop


The Buzz: Gays shouldn’t be given funerals, argues Italian bishop. The bishop of the city of Tursi has declared homosexuals should not receive communion or be given funerals. In an interview published last Friday on pontifex.roma.it, Bishop Francesco Nolè declared that ‘irregulars’ such as criminals and homosexuals should not be given communions or funerals, reports The Pink Paper.

Frankly, I'm surprised he had time to make this pronouncement, what with all the alter boys surely lined up for a proper molestation.

And I value my soul far too much to accept the communion that he would not offer.

Now get this: About the last thing I need when I meet my maker is some back-collared cheerleader taking a break from ruining one more boy's life to pronounce me well on my way to hell.

They can each and every one pucker up and kiss my hairy bohuncus.

I have shared this planet with a gracious plenty Bible thumping demons. Maybe I'll haunt the lot of them.

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