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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Family Learns Pre-Existing Conditions Apply at Birth


The Buzz: Houston Tracy, a 12-day-old boy, has already survived a rare birth defect, a feeding tube, and open heart surgery. Now his family is waiting to see how the battle with an insurance company will fare. Last week, Houston's parents found out that the term "pre-existing condition" can apply the moment someone is born.

My paternal grandmother worked hard to bring many good things to our part of rural North Carolina. We had electricity because of her. We didn't die of botulism spawned of home canning because of her.

She also worked hard to get people to see the merits of giving Blue Cross money on a regular basis.

I expect to receive a USGS tweet any day now of an earthquake epicentered on her grave as the news of what BCBS has become makes it's way to heaven.

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