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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Climbing back out, I think

That was quite the ride. Like most bitter old queens and old farts, I get to listen to healthcare providers fret about my lipids.

They're not in the right ranges. Too high. Too low. Not so long ago, it was as simple as high cholesterol. Now, it's a whole page of computer printout.

And it's all likely inherited, at least in my case.

For all the talk of diet, butter and fatback, I go out of my way to keep what I eat on the better side, with a few exceptions such as the occassional gas station hotdog.

So we go down the chemical trail. Statins. And their delightful side effects. Muscle pain, upon exertion, for me. Exertion being at the level of walking across the parking lot.

So I give niacin in megadoses a try. First, weaker doses of OTC time release. A month or so later, the lipids are 50% better, and the FNP is happier.

Try Niaspan. Industrial strength niacin.

OK, what's not in the above description is the ongoing bouts of low grade nausea brought on by unfortunate travel, or so I thought.

So wrong.

I was responding to the niacin. Being the slow learner, it took me a while. Tuesday morning, I figured it out, lieing on the couch, gasping between heaving sessions that pulled a muscle.

My caloric intake for nearly three days was the periodic sip of Pepto-Bismol.

And a pinch of salt.

Yes, I know I shouldn't, but salt can occassionally calm a sad tum. Think wee pinch. Very wee.

By my side at all times,

I am glad to report that it was never used. There's occassionally something to be said for living in the small apartment.

My last meal from breakfast a day or so ago.

Erstwhile healing chips. The one didn't work this time. Think rejection with a bit of time delay. One chip, yes. A single, lonely, salted chip.

It is going to be a while before I swallow another pill.

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