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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Classmates.com Agrees to $9.5 Million False Advertising Settlement


The Buzz: Classmates.com — the website that promises to reunite people with their mullet-haired friends of youth — has agreed to pay out a $9.5 million settlement for a lawsuit dating back to 2008 accusing the company of “false advertising” through “deceptive” marketing emails.

The Problem: The problems for Classmate.com began back in late 2007, when San Diego resident Anthony Michaels received an email from the social networking company informing him that his old classmates were trying to contact him. In order to see who and why, Michaels had to upgrade to a “Gold Membership.” However, upon forking out to do so, he discovered that nobody was trying to get in touch; it was just a dubious marketing ploy from Classmates.com.

I received many of those solicitations. However, I'm already on the free sites. FaceBook. Twitter. Blogspot. LinkedIn. YouTube. Why would I pay for what I already have?

But three bucks a head? Why not all their money back? Put this ripoff in the digital grave where it belongs.

Three bucks doesn't even pay for my time to delete the emails.

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