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Sunday, March 7, 2010

'Spy Chips' Hidden In Millions Of Trash Bins Aim To Tax Those Who Toss Too Much


The Buzz: LONDON — It's the new front in the nanny state: Microchips placed in garbage bins to monitor how much people throw away.

The on-going idiocy: Then there are the alleged "nanny state" initiatives designed to use laws and regulation to modify troublesome social behavior. The government in January banned some drinking games and bar promotions in an effort to curb binge drinking, and a government-funded design effort is under way to produce a shatterproof pint glass so drunken "lager louts" will be less able to break glasses and use the shards as weapons.

As they say, there will always be an England. The sad thing I'd that we'll be following along all soon, and probably taking it a notch higher.

Now if we could just do something about ugly hotel art.

Someone paid good American money for that painting.

Location:Park Center Dr,Costa Mesa,United States

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