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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chinese learn to leap the 'Great Firewall'


The Buzz: To police the internet China has employed what is regarded by many as the world's most formidable censorship machine. But as ever more Chinese get online, more and more users also understand what it means to jump over the government's "Great Firewall of China".

The degree of control being attempted by the Chinese government is not likely to be sustainable. As the net and the controls become more complex, the likelihood of failure increases.

At some point, the control will fall apart, and the people of China will know a truth. There will be no turning back at that point, and the government will be at risk to collapse under it's own weight.

This site and it's mirrors will be a nail in that coffin, if they're not already.

What saddens me is that the beauty of the various flavors of the Chinese cultures is not allowed to shine across this globe, engage other cultures, permitting synergistic interactions that we can only imagine.

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