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Friday, March 26, 2010

Butt bra from Bubbles Bodywear


The Buzz: Bubbles Bodywear was featured on The Today Show yesterday in Bobbie Thomas’s segment “Spring’s Most Unique Style Trends”. What they referred to as the “butt bra” was really the Double-O Push-up Brief from Bubbles Bodywear. This panty provides minimum booty coverage and lite tummy control. Just slip it on over your hips and position the panty so it is flat against your skin. The holes in the back of the brief will push your cheeks up-and-out. Under clothes, you’ll have the perky, round and voluptuous butt you’ve always wanted.

I'm pretty sure my butt and tum are already sufficiently voluptuous.

Now, my need for pasties is a whole nuther matter. Regardless, why would the ladies not permit the thermometers from showing?

Low rise jeans? My 501s are already there, what with my voluptuous tum and all.

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