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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brunch after the recent unpleasantness

As you know, tum has been on the fritz this week, and I am substantially tired of it. After sleeping 14 hours last night, it's time for brunch.

Mac seems about right.

Yes, I keep my Food Lion mac in a Food Lion coffee can.

We'll also use some Food Lion pasta sauce.

There's another jar waiting in the cupboard. We'll need it.

We boil the mac in water with a splash of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

The olive oil, like me, is extra virgin.

The salt is iodized, but I pronounce it as ionized to keep the peeps alert.

Wilson would have said the same thing.

Add the pasta sauce. Yes, I swirled some tap water in the old jar. The new jar was ready to go.

I let the mess set in the pot while I went down to attend to the laundry. Washer to dryer.

The last minute takes forever.

That last shaky minute must be measured in a time warp.


Not to worry. That 0 takes a full minute to go away while the washer unlocks.

This was a load of whites, not colors, if you were wondering.

Back at the ranch, it's time to drop in a handfull of shredded Mexican cheese.

Give it a stir and let it set.

How long? Long enough to write this blog.

Now, I believe you had a question about multitasking?

Also, tum might object. If so, here's the plan.

Sorry guys. I bought the pink stuff at the Kmart down the street. I could only walk yesterday. Can you ever forgive me?

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