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Friday, March 19, 2010

Breakfast can be a little different around here

It's time for breakfast. Now, you're probably thinking something like bacon, eggs, and toast.

Or maybe cereal.

Bran flakes?

Or Lily kibble?

Nope. I prefer breakfast food in the evening. In fact, the cereal often makes dinner or a late might snack here.

Yesterday, it was pizza. Today, boneless chicken thighs.

No, you are not seeing things. I am cooking chicken for breakfast.

The usual pan with the usual olive oil.

At the very edge, you see the flipper from the retired camping gear. I wonder if I'll ever do that again. Perhaps with a team of handsome Sherpas.

The thighs have thawed. (There's a title for a poem I haven't written yet.) They've been flipped too.

Thawed and flipped. That might be another title. This could be an odd Friday in the making.

And in time, the thawed thighs are done. They really are boneless.

I take three for first breakfast.

Chipped, salted, peppered. You may run to the bathroom with your dry heaves now.

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