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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attempt To End Gay Protections In Virginia Sparks Backlash


The Buzz: Just because Ken Cuccinelli released his letter stating that colleges cannot protect gay employees from discrimination the day spring break began on many Virginia campuses doesn't mean it's getting past students unnoticed.

One Response: According to The College of William and Mary's student newspaper, The Flat Hat, the school recently reapproved its anti-discrimination policy protecting transgendered, gender-neutral and transsexual employees and students. William and Mary spokesman Brian Whitson told the Flat Hat that "With or without the clarification, William and Mary does not discriminate or harass anyone because of their sex, gender identity or sexual orientation."

I really doubt the Rs of the Commonwealth realize the detriment this step backwards presents to their fair life. I also doubt the Universities pay much attention to the idiocies comming from Richmond.

However, it could easily be a generation before a measurable effect is noticed. By then, it'll take another five generations to recover from the loss, if recovery is possible.

Mr. Jefferson would be appalled.

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