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Friday, March 12, 2010

Anderson Cooper almost outs himself


The Poke: Ripa and Cooper were doing a segment where the CNN anchor was answering questions from viewers and Kelly produced a yearbook picture of Anderson that clearly embarrassed him. She folded the picture up and put it down her shirt saying, "You'll never get this back."

The Retort: What was Anderson's clever retort? "Sweetie, that's the last place I'd look." (He also gave some serious gay face while making the crack.) It's actually a funny bit, but it only works if the audience knows that Cooper is gay, and clearly the studio audience of Floridian tourists didn't get the joke.

I really don't think Anderson cares whether or not the peeps know he's gay. He learned from his mother, if indirectly, that he does not want to be the news.

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