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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowy morning in the City

Remember that you can't get there from here today. It's snowing. A lot. No plane. No trains. Just a few automobiles.

So after a spell of 5 am wake ups, I sacked in until 9. W00T! That meant leftovers at the Hampton breakfast.

I started with a cream cheese sandwich. Yes, I needed some comfort food.

And then, the ladies replenished the regular food, probably to make the reason for my coronary less obvious.

The round things are something like an English muffin with egg, cheese, and bacon on top. They're called bacon toppers.

The cubiloids are fried taters.

Returning from breakfast, I checked out the large balcony on my floor.

Snomegeddan has begun. Yet, you get your ice elsewhere.

My private balcony has less accumulation.

Probably because I fart too much.

Here's the view from my shower.

That street is 19 floors below. I should probably keep the curtain pulled.

Yes, my piggies are allowed to run nekid in the building.

Location:Watts St,New York,United States

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