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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nightmares in Skymall Magazine

So I'm sitting at 35,000 feet, sipping coffee in my private suite on Southwest headed to San Francisco by way of Chicago.

Bored out of my skull, we have to find something to prevent brainerical implosion.

Think Skymall Magazine. Full of interesting and overpriced toys.

And professional nightmares for me.

First up. For $100, the world's smallest camcorder. Three hours of secret agent recording from my shirt pocket.

Do you know how many exams I manage that last three hours?

Second up. Yep, another $100. Recording pens. Voice. Vid. Still. Play an MP3 while you're at it.

64 hours of sound. Probably about three of video.

Take the price to $150. Think four hours of video in your ball point pen.

For $200, you might expect even smaller, but no, we have recording sunglasses. These would be a little harder to conceal.

All of this leaving me to think that I might have been better off bored with brainerical implosion, and perhaps my Christmas list should include either this

or this

If not Carribean real estate.

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